Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I suddenly remembered I have a blog...

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Before dear Aby is supposed to kill me for not updating in 2 months, I'll excuse myself with the explain, that I'm a lazy ass and that December month is suicide!

*Hides...* ... no flying rocks? Phew...

Welcome 2007!!

It's strange! Now I have to write 07 not 06 on my draws XD

I succesfully send letters/presents to R and Aby + Ziz and Mariko from DK.

....and Aby in Feb! Oh My....

Christmas went fine.... new year went fine... I ope that's a sign!

I wish everybody a good year 2007!


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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


As Aby so sweetly pointed out, it's now over a month since I last time updated... so today it should be!!!!

Hello everyone, how are you? I ope you're doing better than me...

I have been going down in anti-depress medicine... but I'm worried. Maybe it's too early. I have started on this "Suddenly-I-Cry-Not-Knowing-Why" thing again! Mostly because I think about sad anime's and sad songs... I mean it, Nii-san played a Naruto tune on his flute the other day and I started crying!!! Really crying hard! Nii-san was so choked that he didn't dare touch his flute all day!!

Poor Nii-san...
Okaa-san on the other hand is .... an old shewolf, with some major probs with er mood!!!!!!

That did good to say!! And I mean it!! SHE IS SO TROUBLESOME!!

A normal day for me right now:

Mom wakeing me at 6 am
Get clothing on
Wake up Nii-san
Walk Tyson outside
Feed Troll, Fred and Tyson and new water in the bowls
Wake up Thomas
Get Thomas and mommy coffee
Get mom swallowing her pregnancy pill
Make sure mom eats something
Swallow my own pills
Get food myself (if I have time)
Make sure Nii-san gets lunch and his books in his backpack
Making sure Nii-san has brused his teeth and hair.
Getting packed myself, brused teeth, hair and... peeing! (Even I need that!!)
Hearing the morning news in Tv, before I 7.20 am follows Nii-san to his bus...
7.40 am... getting my own bus and going to school...

8.15am to 9.50 am.... Lessons
10.10 am to 11.40 am ....Lessons
12.05pm to 1.50 pm .... Lessons

2.15 pm getting my bus home....
2.45 pm to 4pm ... sleeping... I need a nap....

Nii-san comes home and goes shopping to dinner with mom...

4pm to 6 pm... Cleaning the kitchen, livingroom and my own room...

Between 6.30 pm and 8pm .... dinner...

between 8.30 pm and 9pm... time to sleep....


well...That's how my days goes...pretty boring, but if I ain't doing it, then nobody does!
Please don't ask what mom is doing... cause she is doing nothing all day.... and...about time for doing homework... wells.... I do it in school...


Draw of chok!

That picture was made when I found out that Vordingborg Gymnasium wheren't teaching their students Japanese anymore... *SHOVEL IN MY FACE!!!!!*

So now... what do I do??
I wished I knew it...

I'll update sooner this time!! See you later!!!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

[[Whats up? Whats new?]]


Christ, even though I could is killing me as usual!



Oh...yeah...and Mommy is having some SERIOUSE mood swings! ARG!!
I'm getting killed in here too!!!!!!


Please come online... I have a lot to tell on MSN....


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Saturday, September 23, 2006


Sorry guys, but I'll be on HIATUS for quite a bit from now on...
School is killing me...

And NO....the baby ain't born yet!!!

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

[[...a....a...achooo!! >___<]]

*sneez*... My throat hurts...OUCH!!
I hate fever... I hate nightmares... I Hate waking up at 2.00 am!!!

Damn this...
I haven't been is school since Tuesday ... Not that I complain!! I love being home!
Yea, that sounds borring, but not for me! ^____^

I have been drawing like a mad woman lately!! O_______O

Go to my DeviantArt to look them!!

...My brother says I'm a gay-freak...
I'm not, Am I? No? Yes? AAAARG!!


Pregnant women are the curse of the Earth!!!! NO DOUBT!!!!!

... what did I do to deserv this??!!


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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Haven't updated for a while...sorry!

Momma is ... stupid! Homones ain't funny in old pregnant women! X_____x

I'm learning 3 girls from my class to know...
Bigitte, Stephanie and Mette!

I'm taking the bus every morning together with Step and Mee! I call them that!

School is....well...I like some of the teachers very much! They rock! ^___^

Oh well...the dishes is calling...fu*k...


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